Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flea Market Adventures

      Today was Flea Market Day at the Medford Armory, a monthly event where folks gather to sell a bit of everything.  There is nothing I need from the flea market, until I see it, nothing I thought about needing before I arrived.  This is a large market with treasures ranging from baseball cards and marbles, dolls to dogs, to Elvis posters, indian jewelry, Japanese wall hangings, old china and flatware, beer mugs, bikes, dragons,  Polynesian gods, guns, crocheted baby clothes, DVD's , clocks -- things you never thought of wanting but have fun considering.  I enjoy wandering in markets like this for several reasons.
  •             It's fun to discover something my mother owned like a meat grinder I used for grinding bread for dressing on holidays (no such thing as instant dressing or even pre-made breadcrumbs when I was a kid!), or a metal toy cash register I once played store with, or rhinestone jewelry and tiaras like I once wore to proms. It brings back memories of "ancient" times, and  reminds me of family events long past.
  •            It's fun to see things I have never seen before like carved wooden horses 4 feet high, tiny wooden doll carriages, iron tools without a modern purpose. It's an adventure in history.

  •             It's fun to find a bargain, even when it is something you never thought to need. Today my bargain was a great  $20 set of  strong binoculars with a leather case. Another time it was a beautiful $15 crystal cake tray. Another time it was a collection of large and lovely seashells. Who knows what will appear?

Here are some photos of the Medford Armory Flea Market. The next one is July 28th.

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